Partnership Announcement – Germany / Austria

Dear backers,

Today, we’re very excited to announce a new partnership in Germany and Austria with Real Auto GmbH for the distribution of Reevo, the world’s first hubless e-bike. The Real Auto team will be taking up the role of exclusive distributor in Germany and Austria under the brand of Reevo Germany.

They join our growing network of worldwide distributors in offering a robust after-sales service network and regional sales expansion in their respective territories.

According to Alec Lim, CEO, Beno, Inc.:

“With over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and a strong, innovative vision of the future of mobility, Real Auto was an obvious partnership choice to grow the Reevo brand. Germany and Austria represent key markets for us, representing over 30% of our total sales volume.

With the expertise and experience of the Real Auto team, combined with the projected growth of the e-bike market in these markets, we are extremely optimistic about growing our position rapidly in Germany and Austria.”

According to Albert, Founder, Real Auto GmbH:

“Our values encompass the appreciation of traditions, a passion for character, respect and love for nature, and a genuine joy for life – values that we believe the Reevo brand represent in abundance. From the constant desire to be a “first mover”, our team has reinvented the organization and created innovative creative opportunities, also in the field of e-mobility.

Our vision is to align, implement, and strengthen our expertise, creative force, and experience together with Beno, Inc. to successfully establish and expand Reevo as a brand in Germany and Austria.”

Reevo Germany joins our expanding list of distributors in Southeast Europe, France, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Hawaii, French Overseas Territories and South Korea.


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Beno, Inc.

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